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In nautical terms, a PILOT is,

“…a person duly qualified to steer ships into or out of a harbor or through certain difficult waters”

I joined Pilot in 1997 in Orange Park, FL because the Anchor Advisor and Pilot member, Debbie DiFranco, took the Anchors to the Soup Kitchen and I wanted to be involved with doing that. From there, I joined Pilot and transferred to Tallahassee when we moved here in 2004.

I like being a Pilot member because I can interact with the elementary school children, teaching them to protect their brains for life and be involved with the Anchors.

Claire Mikko

Because Alzheimer’s is prevalent in my family, I was looking for an organization that truly cares about the disease.  Being a member for over 10 years, I can say without reservation that the Pilot Club of Tallahassee is that group – a genuine collaboration to bring awareness to Alzheimer’s and other brain-related disorders.

Pamela Manley

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I joined Pilot initially in Jacksonville to support a friend whose mother had developed Alzheimer’s. We were able to work together initially towards various Alzheimer’s projects. In Tallahassee, I again joined Pilot to develop friendships, working toward a common good-again Alzheimer’s with the Alzheimer’s Educational Day and the Project Lifesaver, as well as helping the kids at Gretchen Everhart and Tallahassee as a community.

I love being a Pilot member because of the friendship and care by the members given to others, and their sincere desire to help the community become a better place.

Yvonne Salfinger


Someone to lead. Someone to guide.
Someone to help during troubled times.
This is the type of wise but selfless volunteer that members of
Pilot International have always striven to be.
It is who a Pilot continues to be today.
Are YOU a leader? Be a guide.
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