Pilot Club of Tallahassee December 2019

Pilot Club of Tallahassee provides snacks for Gretchen Everhart’s Winter Dance

2015 Outstanding Pilot Club awarded by Pilot International to the Pilot Club of Tallahassee

Pilots volunteers at Sealey Elementary Wellness Fair
Pilots helping Veterans at Honor Flight
Pilot Club of Tallahssee Officers 2019-2020


Pilot International’s mission is to influence positive change in communities throughout the world. To do this, we come together in friendship and give people an outlet for service.
We focus on:
Encouraging Brain Safety and Health
Preparing Youth for Service
Supporting those Who Care for Others


We support several projects in the area to further assistance with brain injuries or disorders.  View more about our projects....


We are always busy doing good! ¬†Check out the calendar…


Our club newsletter, the Deck Chatter, is published on a monthly basis.


Visit their websites-our friends help support the mission of the Pilot Club of Tallahassee and Pilot International!

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